Prophy Products

As a veterinary dentist committed to preventing animal oral disease, you rely on the best prophy products. Dentalaire has a wide range of veterinary dentistry prophy products to help you overcome the unique challenges of working with animals, including:

  • Plaque disclosing solution for veterinary dentists, to locate calculus or plaque on teeth.

  • Disposable prophy angle that reduces heat, paste splatter and tangles from catching hairs.

  • Both autoclavable and sealed and autoclavable prophy angle.

  • Anti-bacterial fluoride quick-gel to strengthen animal tooth enamel.

  • Vetcare prophy paste in fruit or mint flavors.

View our catalogue here. Call VDS at 1.844.777.8883 and let us help you find the best veterinary dentistry prophy products for your practice.

DA 10956 True-Seal Prophy Angle
Sealed & Autoclavable, Screw-on
DA5512PSC ECONOMY Prphy Angle
Autoclavable, Screw-on

​DTP 10967 - Twister  Prophy Angle with cup, bag of 100. Prophy Cup reciprocates back and forth. No paste splatter! No heat! No more tangles from catching hairs ! Latex free.

DA 10955 True-Seal Prophy Angel

Sealed & Autoclavable, Snap-on

DA551PSN ECONOMY Prphy Angle

Autoclavable, Snap-on