• Part Number: DTP00805
  • Working frequency allows precise control and virtually eliminates bleeding
  • Variety of electrodes for different applications
  • Two-year warranty, one year on accessories. Replacement electrodes available (T1-T9)
  • CUT, COAG 1 & COAT 2 modes
  • Ten-level power setting
  • Seven-piece various standard electrodes

ElectroSurgery Unit

With the assistance of a Veterinary Dentist, Dentalaire has developed an ElectroSurgery unit specifically for Veterinary Dentistry. Compact design and 12 foot cords allow for convenient placement of the unit. This unit is perfect for treatment of gingival hyperplasia, gingivoplasty, oral biopsies and treatment of unerutped teeth. It can also be used for rapid removal of small skin tumors.



Power supply115 V ± 5% – 50/60 Hz 92VA

230 V ± 5% – 50/60 Hz 92VA
Max. output power50 W (@ 400 ohm load)
Work frequency1.5 – 1.7 MHz ± 5%
Dimensions23 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 8.5 (H) cm
Weight4 kg
Handpiece cable190 cm
Ind. plate cable190 cm